A16 Family stopover in a gite with animals and nature galore

If you are looking for a family place to stay near Calais and close to the A16 a self-catering gite at the Domaine des Céléstines might just be the place for you. Perfect for kids as there are lots of animals to pat (goats, rabbits, chickens, horses etc) and lots of open space to run around.

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  • Le Domaine des Célestins - Horse - Bernay en PonthieuLe Domaine des Célestins - Horse - Bernay en Ponthieu
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  • Le Domaine des Célestins - Rabbit - Bernay en PonthieuLe Domaine des Célestins - Rabbit - Bernay en Ponthieu
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La-Foret-de-Crecy-a-2-pas-de-votre-cottage-3 Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-les-animaux-de-la-ferme-Bernay-en-Ponthieu-2 Le Domaine des Célestins - Horse - Bernay en Ponthieu Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-cottage-Bleu-des-Dunes-Bernay-en-Ponthieu-2 Le-salon-avec-cheminee-Le-Domaine-des-Celestins--Bernay-en-Ponthieu Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-le-salon-avec-cheminee-Bernay-en-Ponthieu Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-Le-salon-avec-cheminee-a-Bernay-en-Ponthieu-2 Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-la-cuisine-Bernay-en-Ponthieu-2 Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-la-cuisine-a-Bernay-en-Ponthieu Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-chambre-des-enfants-Bernay-en-Ponthieu Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-chambre-des-parents-Bernay-en-Ponthieu-2 Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-salle-de-bain-Bernay-en-Ponthieu Le Domaine des Célestins - Rabbit - Bernay en Ponthieu Le-Domaine-des-Celestins-le-parc-a-Bernay-en-Ponthieu Cow

Stay less than one hour from Calais in a family gite within a large domaine. The two bedroom gite has everything you need to be comfortable, including a fully equipped kitchen and a huge private lawn area at the back. The domaine has several other gites on the property as well as lots of farm animals that you can see and play with.
For the parents, there is an amazing spa area that you must reserve so you can have private access.
Just off the A16, you couldnt find a more convenient place to stopover, and much nicer than a motorway hotel.

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