Hello, I'm Julie !

42 years old, I live in BERNAY-EN-PONTHIEU

Host, Le Domaine des Célestins

03 Jan
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Enter a new world... Set off and explore this unbridled countryside. Put on a safari jacket and an explorer’s cap... This stunning and immense corner of the world is what dreams are made of! The Bay of Somme, a universe of birds with sublime landscapes, appears before your eyes like a work of art. Discover the surrounding countryside, the green woodpeckers, great spotted woodpeckers, tits, and, if your luck’s in, you might spot a stork, grey heron or a red squirrel paying a visit to one of our tray feeders. Don’t hesitate to have a stroll through the park to see tawny owls, bats, European rabbits, foxes and stone martens or head for the nearby forest where you’ll encounter deer and hares as the sun goes down.

I was a city dweller before but have always been an ecologist at heart. I used to spend my holidays and weekends in this family house when I was a child. This is where my roots are and where I feel at my best. Fascinated by the history of this farmstead, owned by four generations of my family, if you wish I’d love to tell you what my research has enabled me to find out as well as some of the interesting guests who have stayed here. I discovered the Bay of Somme thanks to my grandfather, a man full of character who was a sheep breeder at the time. I rediscovered it in 2001 when I decided to move to the Domaine.