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Nausicaa with Grandchildren

Take advantage of the school holidays to spend time and have fun with the grandkids, as well as helping to educate them about the future of our planet with a visit to Europe’s largest aquarium.

Family holidays in France are a fantastic opportunity for grandparents to spend more time with the younger generation and to pass on their values and traditions, while having unforgettable days out and learning new things together.

Easily accessible less than three hours from London, the charming port of Boulogne-sur-Mer is an unmissable destination with kids. As of June 2018, Nausicaa Centre National de la Mer will be Eu-rope’s biggest aquarium, following a vast extension in the shape of a manta ray, housing lots of new interactive elements.

There are so many reasons to discover Nausicaa with grandchildren. As well as being great val-ue (it’s cheaper than Sea Life in London, with free entry for children under three), this is one of the world’s leading research centres into the marine environment. Hence, it’s a brilliant place for grand-parents to play their role in engaging young people with the imperative to protect our oceans for future generations.

Younger kids will especially love seeing the fish in the tropical lagoon being fed, watching the acro-batic high jinks of the Californian sea lions, and visiting Penguin Beach. Meanwhile, children aged around 7–12 will adore the shark aquarium with its feeding sessions and the touch pool where they can caress stingrays who come to outstretched hands in search of cuddles!