General conditions of use

General conditions of use


Usage rights

Users of the and sites may not reproduce and/or use the brands and logos featured on the site, and may not change, copy, translate, reproduce, sell, publish, use and broadcast in a digital or any other format, all or part of the information, texts, photographs, images, videos and data on the site, which are covered by the intellectual property rules (article L112-1). All persons involved in a violation of these rules will be subject to the penal and civil penalties laid out by law. and websites invite users to consult their content and information on a strictly private, non-collective basis. This right extends to the right to print one or several pages and/or to store them on one’s computer (or another digital device such as a mobile phone or tablet) exclusively for one’s own personal use.


Any placing of this content on a network, any broadcasting of it, any use of it in a professional or commercial context, or any commercial sharing of it with a third party, in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden except by prior agreement with the Hauts-de-France Tourisme.


Links and backlinks

Hauts-de-France Tourisme has no way of controlling sites connected to its websites by hyperlinks, nor is it responsible for or able to guarantee the availability of such sites and external sources. Hauts-de-France Tourisme takes no responsibility for the content of sites it links to. It cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury, of whatever kind, that results from the content of these sites and external sources, particularly the information, products or services that they offer, or of any use made from these elements. The risks linked with this use are fully incumbent on the internet user, who must follow the sites’ rules.


Users, subscribers and visitors of internet sites cannot place a hyperlink connecting to and without its express permission, in advance.


If a user or visitor wishes to place a hyperlink to the and sites, they must send a request, in advance, to Hauts-de-France Tourisme.



Privacy policy

In line with the French data protection law and with GDPR, Hauts-de-France Tourisme collects visitors’ personal data on the basis of consent they give by using the sites (cookies) as well as at the time of their registration as an ambassador or visitor.


For more information, the visitor should email the GDPR referee at


Data controller:

Hauts-de-France Tourisme

Headquarters: 3 rue Vincent Auriol – 80000 AMIENS – Tel: +33 (0)3 22 22 33 66

5 rue des Précurseurs - CS 90484 - 59654 VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ – Tel: +33 (0)3 59 81 98 20


Data gathered when you register on the sites and :

Essentially, Hauts-de-France Tourisme collects identification data

  • In order to be able to link accommodation providers (such as guesthouses owners) providing an adapted offer with visitors who would like to book a stay in Hauts-de-France
  • In order to be able to link regional ambassadors (such as guides and other locals) with British visitors who would like advice about their stay in Hauts-de-France.


This data also enables the efficient management of the website and of its user accounts.


We need your telephone number to send you SMS messages about bookings.


You need to create an account on in order to:

  • Book a stay
  • Store ideas for stays that you’ve collected while browsing the site
  • Store your profile data and thus avoid having to input the same data every time you browse or book


To create an account we need your title, surname, first name, email address and postal address.


To book a stay we need your title, surname, first name, postal address, telephone number and email address.


Your holiday preferences and interests (for instance: you’re searching for a break as a family or a couple, or with friends) are optional but desirable so that we can send you tailored suggestions.


Hauts-de-France Tourisme collects identity data in order to put British visitors looking for advice on their stay in Hauts-de-France in contact with regional ambassadors (such as guides and other locals). This data allows us to effectively manage our website and its user accounts. It also allows you to browse the site without having to give us the data that lets us identify you.



Your surname, first name and email address are needed for us to send you the Hauts-de-France Ambassadors newsletter.


How to become an ‘ambassador’ for the Hauts-de-France Ambassadors site.

  • We need your surname, first name, email address, and city, town or village, and the languages you speak, in order to put you in contact with visitors.
  • We’d like to have your interests, activities and the places that you wish to highlight: For example: food and drink, historic events and sights, art and museums, architecture, unusual places to stay, leisure facilities, festive, sporting and cultural events, and visitor trails and itineraries.
  • We’d like to have a profile photo and links to your social media accounts.
  • The ‘become an ambassador’ form has a box in which you need to share biographical details. Please stick to information that is strictly necessary. Any irrelevant information may be deleted by Hauts-de-France Tourisme.


How to become a Hauts-de-France Ambassadors site visitor:

  • We need your surname, first name, email address and country of residence to put you in touch with ambassadors.
  • We’d like to have information on your travel habits and preferences, plus your postcode, in order to offer you the content best suited to your profile.
  • The ‘visitor’ form has boxes in which you can state the subject you’re interested in, accompanied by a message. Please stick to strictly essential information. Any irrelevant information may be deleted by Hauts-de-France Tourisme.


Data gathered through the use of cookies:

Hauts-de-France Tourisme collects the following information while you are using its sites:

  • Technical data: IP address, internet connection, type of browser, information about the device used;
  • Data collected through the use of cookies: for further information, see the cookies policy. (lien paragraphe politique des cookies)


Cookies policy

When you use and, cookies are placed on your browser. To fully benefit from all the functions offered by and (for example, sharing articles on social networks, improvements to the site thanks to navigation statistics), you are advised to keep cookies activated.


Functionality cookies

This cookies ensure that the sites and work properly and to their optimum capacity. and sites won’t work properly without these cookies.


Analytics cookies:

These allow us to obtain anonymous visitor statistics from the sites that allow us to optimise its design, usability and content.


The analytics cookies we place on the site are:

At Internet

Google Analytics



Social cookies

These cookies allow you to use the sites in social media interactions and to share the sites content with other people or to inform them about your use or opinion about them – for instance, when you click on Facebook or Twitter’s Share or Like buttons.

Additionally, working with the browsing data, social cookies allow and sites to create and broadcast certain personalised ads related to their publications and offers, which will appear on pages of the social network to which you’re connected.


These are the social cookies used on and


Twitter (Cards)

Twitter (Timelines)


Facebook pixel





To what ends do we collect and use your personal data?

  • Booking holidays or breaks

Creating a user account and sending a pre-booking form allows Hauts-de-France Tourisme to put you in contact with the person or business offering the stay so that you can proceed to a firm booking. Being in touch with the person or business also allows you to get more details on the stay and the booking.


As an intermediary, Hauts-de-France Tourisme is not responsible for the security and confidentiality of data logged by stay providers.


Each stay provider uses your data to manage their contractual relationship with you (management of bookings, confirmations, billing, payment, etc) and to undertake marketing activity and fulfil its legal duties.



  • Newsletters

Newsletter allows us to send you regular news, such as tourist trails/itineraries, cultural and natural sites to discover, inspiration for unusual or romantic accommodation, and unmissable events.


  • Enlarging the scope of the site

Hauts-de-France Tourisme encourages Brits to discover Hauts-de-France by putting them in touch with its ambassadors.

These ambassadors give advice and share their experiences by responding to emails from British visitors to the site.


How long do we store data for?

If you don’t open our newsletter, your data will only be stored for three years. Alternatively, it will be deleted within a few days if you request this by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you receive from us.


Data related to your ambassador or visitor profile are stored for as long as you remain an ambassador or visitor. They can be deleted if you send an email request to:


Who has access to the data gathered?

Members of Hauts-de-France Tourisme team: moderator, community manager, data manager and the marketing team. These staff are trained in personal data protection and adhere scrupulously to our commitments.




135 avenue de la République

59110 La Madeleine - FRANCE

Tel : +33 (0)3 20 78 71 24


Faire Savoir

4 avenue de l’Horizon

59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq - FRANCE

Tel : +33 (0)3 20 58 91 52


Hosting provider:


AT Internet

15-17 rue Auber

75009 Paris



2 rue Kellermann

59100 Roubaix – FRANCE


Research firms:

Analysing the performance of and sites.


What measures do we put in place to protect your personal data?

  • Security measures imposed on processors:

Our processors are requested to respect the following conditions:

  • To take all necessary steps to ensure that all its staff and all third parties involved in the project and having access to confidential information respect this confidentiality.
  • Not to use or take advantage of the confidential information, in full or part, for any end beyond the scope of the project itself.
  • Not to make any copies, reproductions or duplication of all or part of the confidential information, except with express written consent in advance from the Hauts-de-France Tourisme.
  • Not to assert any transfer, licensing or pre-existing possession rights on the confidential information, as defined by the intellectual property rules, by communicating it.


  • Security of physical access to CRTC premises:

The CRTC offices are fitted with anti-intruder devices.


  • Server security

Access to the servers and to the workstations of Hauts-de-France Tourisme staff and those of its processors likely to come into contact with personal data are protected by rules regarding assuring their identity and the traceability of any tasks they undertake.


Personal datas imported from Facebook


In order for you to delete the data that were imported from Facebook on when you logged in using Facebook log in app, please follow the steps listed below:

1.    Sent a request to our GDPR expert at the following address: . Your email must explicitly state that you would like all your personal data coming from facebook to be erased. Your message must include:

- Your Full name;
- The email address linked to your facebook account that you used to create your account on;


Once your personal data coming in from Facebook have been removed from, you will receive an email from our GDPR expert at the address attached to your Facebook account. It will confirm that your data have been erased.


What are your rights?

In line with the relevant legal rules, visitor and subscribers to and have the right to oppose the handling of their personal data. They can also demand the correction or deletion of their personal data as well as give directives regarding their transfer to another handling operator of their choice (portability), and regarding what happens to their personal data after their death. These different options can be put into place by emailing the GDPR referee at

Please specify “Personal data request” on your email subject and attach a copy of your ID in order for us to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data.

Please note that we may modify this policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or to refine our practices. or for ensuring adherence to the rules.


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