Hello, I'm CHLOÉ !

I live in Saint Germer de Fly

Host, Les Chambres de l'Abbaye

01 Jan
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Chloé started on this journey with the ambition of “letting people discover her love of art, meeting people and fine food”.
The house stands proudly between gardens and an orchard, looking over the town’s abbey. Here, it’s a meeting of minds with the focus on art and good food. Depending on how she feels, Chloé Comte chooses from a range of different dishes to treat her guests: “marmite dieppoise” (fish and seafood soup), guinea fowl with cherries, apricot soufflé or foie gras with figs. Surprising, novel and highly enjoyable evenings. Chloé loves nothing better than making guests feel like they are old friends: enjoying a sense of freedom thanks to the careful layout of the house and its rooms but, at the same time, safe in the knowledge that their hosts are on hand to meet their needs at all times.

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My aim is to ensure our guests leave like friends: relaxed and with their minds full of great memories. Memories of the dishes they’ve discovered, the beauty of the local area and the good time they had with their hosts in Saint Germer de Fly.