Hello, I'm Emilie !

41 years old, I live in PERONNE

Break advisor, Nature outings, Haute-Somme

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I feel a really strong bond with my region and will be thrilled to give you lots of ideas for walks designed to recharge your batteries. I’ll also tell you about my favourite panoramic views.

My insider tips


On the “Chemin des automitrailleuses”

Set out in the footsteps of the German and French soldiers through the lakes and the Somme Valley. Starting off from the village of Curlu, this easy-going walk (10 km) will lead you to the locality of "Chapeau du Gendarme", a German stronghold until 1916. After the French forces took the locality, the first armoured cars entered the scene. The view from here of the Somme Valley is stunning.

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A walk full of emotions, discovering the remains of the fighting in 1915 and 1916

Starting off from Faÿ, I like taking the “La Régale” route (9 km, easy). Completely destroyed during the First World War, the village of Faÿ was rebuilt just next to the original village. Today, it’s possible to discover the ruins of the old village, and, in particular, the foundations of the church…

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Born in Picardy, I’m really attached to my region and its wide range of landscapes. It’s ideal to have forests and lakes nearby; it’s an easy way of forgetting my daily worries and get close to nature. At lunchtime I can go for a walk near the lakes, in the valley or admire the magnificent views from the “Belvèdère de Veaux” viewpoint. A genuine visual feast.