Hello, I'm Julien !

39 years old, I live in SAINT-QUENTIN

Local resident and an expert concerning Art-Déco, nature and romantic walks

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Hi! You want to discover St Quentin, its formidable heritage incredible Art Deco heritage , and its green spots close to the city center! Contact me!

My insider tips

Picardy goodies at the Comptoir des Produits Régionaux de Saint Quentin

I love nothing better than going to the “Comptoir des produits régionaux” (a shop selling regional produce) situated right in the middle of the charming rue Emile Zola, just a two minute walk from the “Place de l’Hôtel de Ville” of St-Quentin.
Greeted by Alexandra’s smile and pleasant personality, visitors can discover a very wide range of regional produce, mainly made by small-scale producers, and always sourced locally.

And what about me you may ask? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I really like taking my friends by surprise when they’re buying little known beers (such as “Bière à l’Aster Maritime” from Le Crotoy which is just amazing!). You can even find great gift ideas!

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Saint-Quentin Basilica

Ah, this wonderful basilica…Truly a sight to behold! Lovers of old stone and places enshrined in spirituality, I fell in love with this Gothic building that has survived many tragic events through the centuries! The building is currently being restored in order to make it look as splendid as it used to! I can’t possibly imagine going to St-Quentin without visiting the basilica! Visitors are amazed by the magnificent Art Deco stained-glass windows and a 34 metre high choir… No less!

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Walking in the Marais d’Isle de Saint Quentin nature reserve

Did you know that the only urban nature reserve situated in Europe is located in Picardy? Sit down next to the water, listen to the birds singing, smell the bewitching scent of the flowers… You’re bound to be won over by this haven of peace! “Les Marais d’Isle” nature reserve provides visitors with the chance to immerse themselves in the heart of a very rich biodiversity. Part of it forms a protected nature reserve while the other half is a park for the whole family! It’s a great place for walks, wellness and games for all the family in the middle of a small zoological park featuring farm animals as well as wallabies! You can even put on your walking shoes and set off to discover the reserve with a green guide or enjoy a splendid outing in a “bacôve” (a large boat that’s typical of the area) organised from spring onwards. Sip an ice-cold drink on the water’s edge at the “La Guinguette” restaurant, catch some rays on the specially developed beach alongside the lake or have a game of mini-golf with family or friends! Believe me, all my friends who I’ve brought here immediately fell in love with this location!

I’m 35 and a nursing trainer. I’ve been living in Saint Quentin since I was a small child. When I go walking in another town or city, I can’t stop myself telling the people I meet about MY town. There’s so much to see and do in Saint-Quentin! I’ve always wanted to become an expert so I could tell people about all the places I know and where all my memories come from. If you’re looking for somewhere special, a particular ambiance, recommendations for walks in Saint-Quentin, just send me an email and I’ll be delighted to reply to you.