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I live just a few kilometres away from the Crotoy beach, and, as a result, I know the best ideas for keeping the kids happy. Just let me know if you’ve planned to spend a family weekend here!

My insider tips

Have a splashing time in the wave pool!

The “Aquaclub de Belle Dune” (water park) is located between Quend-Plage and Fort-Mahon. Once you’ve left your vehicle in the car park, follow the path through the dunes dotted with pine trees. Once inside, the kids will see the wave pool through the glass windows, excitement is growing! Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten the little one’s rubber ring; you’ll find one in the shop. And are the parents keen to take a dip? Everybody in the pool! Everything has been taken care of to make sure all guests get into “sport” mode and have a great time! If you feel like relaxing for a while then take it easy in a deckchair or head for the wellness centre. Sauna or Turkish bath? What do you feel like doing today? When we go to the Aquaclub with my daughter, we always feel a little peckish when we get out of the water. So I buy her a pancake at the snack bar. It’s so good to see her in seventh heaven!


Discovering the market of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme

Sunday morning is market morning in Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme (just under 20 minutes from your accommodation). Why not take the whole family there? The children can walk along from stall to stall along the quai and try the local produce: salicornes, local “tomme” cheese, “gâteau battu”, snails from Marquenterre… The stallholders are welcoming and will greet you with a smile. I love the friendly atmosphere that prevails in this little market.

After having stocked up on local produce, stop off at a boulangerie to buy a lovely crunchy baguette. The beach is just a few yards away so why not find a place there to have a picnic looking out at the sea.

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The Bay of Somme Railway

Take your seats and get ready for an extraordinary journey between land and sea! Setting off from Saint-Valéry, you’ll criss-cross the Bay of Somme as the train heads for Le Crotoy on an 19th century railway line.

Inside the train, the decoration is idyllic! You get the feeling you’ve been whisked back in time! Everything is “period” inside. The steady pace of the locomotive will have a soothing effect on you throughout the journey. You’ll be able to explore huge open spaces, marshes, bocage, the bay and harbours…our beautiful region features so many different landscapes.

My personal favourite: Think ahead and book dinner served on the train! You’ll be able to take advantage of a stopping on the dyke to admire the awesome beauty of the sun setting while savouring a gourmet meal. After dinner, the train returns to Saint-Valery in the peace of the sleeping bay.


Crossing the Bay of Somme

While the tide ebbs away, the Bay of Somme reveals its numerous facets. It’s time to put on an old pair of trainers and set off to discover the treasures of the bay …with your guide! Dont’ hesitate to contact me – I know an English-speaking guide who’ll be thrilled to make the eight-kilometre journey with you from Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme to Le Crotoy. Salt meadows, tasty plants, birds, ever-changing landscapes… By taking full advantage of this magical experience you’ll build up a score of majestic memories!

After this breath of fresh air, what better than going back on a small steam train that will soothe you as the light changes as day turns into dusk.


Discovering the seals of the Bay of Somme

Meet up at the “pointe du Hourdel” for a walk lasting three and a half hours to meet the largest colony of harbour seals in France. You’ll see one, then two and then a multitude of these lovely little heads pop up out of the water.

Set off with a guide to ensure you don’t disturb them! Your guide will enable you to get right up to the seals as well as telling you everything you need to know about these incredible sea mammals. You’ll also be given binoculars to zoom in on these splendid animals.

Passion, friendliness, learning about the environment and the majestic landscapes will all be on the agenda.

After this walk full of emotions, I recommend visiting a really pleasant little area where you can sit down and enjoy a romantic drink: the refreshment bar on the beach at Saint-Valéry. This refreshment bar is situated in an unusual setting, on the edge of the old city, away from the town,… The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed and what can one say about the view? It’s quite simply sublime taking in the sea and Le Crotoy harbour located opposite it…


A day of fun and adventure in Quend

This time, I’ll take you out for a day full of fun and sport! Let’s all head to the “Arbre et Aventure” tree adventure park!

Up early to get ready, put on your trainers and cap and make sure you don’t forget to pack sustenance to keep your engine fuelled throughout the day. Time to hit the road! Situated only 20 minutes away from your accommodation, enjoy a fantastic experience full of strong emotions with a route stretching across a series of pine trees 5m above the ground. Each course is adapted to the children’s ages. The guide explains how to move from tree to tree and handle the snap links, and when everybody has understood what to do, off we go! I loved going across the monkey bridges but what marked me the most were the rope bridges! I have to be honest and say I was a bit apprehensive at the start but when I got back on the ground, after having felt the adrenaline rise and the pleasure of sliding through the air, I really felt like having another go!

For lunch, I suggest you head for the “Salamandre” pancake house. Getting there couldn’t be easier; just walk back up the street leading to the beach and you’ll find it on the right about 300m further on. Their pancakes are quite simply delicious! My favourite dessert is called “la crêpe à la gelée d'argousier”.

And now we move on to the afternoon fun! Right, next to the mini golf course. Personally, I never get bored of doing this! It’s always a hard-fought battle mixed with laughter, luck (or skill) and misfortune. The children have a great time and their parents are happy – what more could you ask for?

What better way of rounding off the afternoon than relaxing and taking it easy? All back in the car and we’re off to the beach.


Pleasure of the senses in the Jardins de Valloires

Unbridled nature, frenetic sand yacht races, encounters with harbor seals… In a nutshell, the Bay of Somme is a genuine treasure trove of delightful discoveries. “Les Jardins de Valloires”: it’s just scintillating!

Just 10 minutes away from your accommodation, discover these gardens covering an area of eight hectares, home to a 12th century abbey built by Cistercian monks. Only the chimes of the abbey bells disturb tourists enjoying this wonderfully quiet and relaxing sea of greenery. I could while away the hours walking through the rose garden, a delicate monochrome made up of over 70 species of roses, a genuine delight for your eyes and senses.

In order to continue with this appeal to the senses, enjoy the richness of Valloires when eating at the “Table du jardinier” restaurant. The chef here combines flowers and fruit, fish and herbs with brio for a stunning gourmet discovery.

Mother of a three-year-old girl, the beach, with its endless source of activities, has become our pay area.. Having worked at the Tourist Office for 13 years, I know Quend-Plage and the surrounding area inside out. I’d be delighted to help you organise your days out while you’re staying in our part of the world.