Hello, I'm Martin !

33 years old, I live in ETERPIGNY

Host, Le Clos Barthélémy

01 Jan
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My ethos has always been that the human touch, and getting the interplay with guests just right, plays the most central role in this business. As such, at Clos Barthélémy I strive to find the perfect balance between beauty, elegance, simplicity and relaxation and in doing so, my hope is that guests will return time and again, and choose to spend their precious quality time together right here.

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    I was born here in the Hauts de France region ‒ a place I hold the greatest of affection for ‒ and I have been lucky enough to travel too. I developed a sense of curiousity about everything I found on the way, always intrigued by different cultures and characters. My career in the hotel industry gave me a taste for the fine art of hospitality, and it’s this that inspired me to take over Clos Barthélémy.