Hello, I'm Sylvie !

47 years old, I live in GUEUDECOURT

Host, Le Clos du clocher

01 Jan
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We discovered the Department of Somme 10 years ago and fell in love with this splendid area with its rich history and stunning countryside. And yet, it’s so little known. But we’re here to help you discover it! Our philosophy is based on listening, talking and sharing experiences especially during the meals we make for our guests. 

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Both of us had studied the Hotel Trade and we shared the dream of opening our own guesthouse. Our aim was to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We built everything with our own hands and the result - Clos du Clocher - is open throughout the year with a sincere smile for every guest. We have recently opened a Wellness Room with a sauna and jacuzzi, and you can also enjoy a Wellbeing modelling with essential oils and hot stones. Relaxation guaranteed...