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65 years old, I live in BOULOGNE-SUR-MER

Since the age of 13, Tony Lestienne has known that cooking was not only a passion but also his reason for being. Now, with a Michelin star under his belt, Tony loves welcoming guests to his hotel and restaurant on the port

03 Jan
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It was at age 13 that Tony Lestienne realised that cooking was not only a passion but also his reason for being. He enrolled in a hotel management school which enabled him to master his trade. After several professional experiences abroad and then in Paris, he finally opened his own restaurant La Matelote in April 1979, and received his first Michelin star in 1982, as well as other awards from different gourmet guides.

Since then, the chef’s creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit has never stopped: in 1991, he opened the Nausicaà’s restaurant, a large brasserie which faces the sea, where one can eat seafood, mussels and turbot. In 1999, the former 1930’s house which neighboured La Matelot restaurant was transformed into a hotel with refined and opulent rooms combining luxury and comfort. Today liked tomorrow, quality and creativity remain key words for Tony Lestienne, his son Stellio at the helm, and his entire energetic team to welcome visitors as best they know.