Bike riding in Compiègne Forest

Bike riding in Compiègne Forest Couple

Bike riding in Compiègne Forest

What better way is there to get back to nature than pedalling through the heart of a forest? You’ll be staying in Saint-Jean-aux-Bois, situated in the heart of the biggest forest in Picardy: The national forest of Compiègne.

What I really love is there are a number of ways of discovering this natural paradise: walking, riding a bike, on horseback… depending on how fit you are: strolling hand in hand or jogging; and also on how you feel: observing nature, fauna and flora or quite simply enjoying the fresh country air and the peaceful surroundings.

A friend told me that one day when he was riding through the forest early in the morning to experience the freshness of the mysterious mist, he came across a rather surprising sight! There he was, right in the middle of the forest when suddenly a stag ambled across the path. Can you imagine what he thought? Most certainly an unbelievable experience…

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