Art de vivre: northern France for garden and nature lovers

Ideally situated between the coastal villages of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and Le Crotroy and the magnificent gardens les Jardins du Valloires, you are sure to have a full itinerary for your French short break. Wander the medieval streets with views over the Somme Bay, one of the world’s most beautiful bays, stroll the stunning gardens at Valloires including a sensory garden and hundreds of different types of roses and wonderful views round every corner.

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  • Domaine des Celestins - Garden view - Bernay en PonthieuDomaine des Celestins - Garden view - Bernay en Ponthieu
  • Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer-Domaine-des-CelestinsLe-gite-Lilas-de-mer-Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---salon---Domaine-des-CelestinsLe-gite-Lilas-de-mer---salon---Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---salon-au-Domaine-des-CelestinsLe-gite-Lilas-de-mer---salon-au-Domaine-des-Celestins
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  • Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---petit-dejeuner-au-Domaine-des-CelestinsLe-gite-Lilas-de-mer---petit-dejeuner-au-Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Chambre-Gite-Lilas-de-mer---Domaine-des-CelestinsChambre-Gite-Lilas-de-mer---Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Chambre-Lilas-de-mer---Domaine-des-CelestinsChambre-Lilas-de-mer---Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Chambre-Gite-Lilas-de-mer-au-Domaine-des-CelestinsChambre-Gite-Lilas-de-mer-au-Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Espace-bien-etre---Domaine-des-Celestins-2Espace-bien-etre---Domaine-des-Celestins-2
  • Espace-bien-etre---Domaine-des-CelestinsEspace-bien-etre---Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Espace-bien-etre-du-Domaine-des-CelestinsEspace-bien-etre-du-Domaine-des-Celestins
  • Gourmandises---Domaine-des-Celestins-2Gourmandises---Domaine-des-Celestins-2
  • Domaine des Celestins - Garden view - Bernay en PonthieuDomaine des Celestins - Garden view - Bernay en Ponthieu
  • Se-relaxer-daans-les-transats-du-Domaine-des-CelestinsSe-relaxer-daans-les-transats-du-Domaine-des-Celestins
Domaine des Celestins - Garden view - Bernay en Ponthieu Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer-Domaine-des-Celestins Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---salon---Domaine-des-Celestins Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---salon-au-Domaine-des-Celestins Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---petit-dejeuner---Domaine-des-Celestins Le-gite-Lilas-de-mer---petit-dejeuner-au-Domaine-des-Celestins Chambre-Gite-Lilas-de-mer---Domaine-des-Celestins Chambre-Lilas-de-mer---Domaine-des-Celestins Chambre-Gite-Lilas-de-mer-au-Domaine-des-Celestins Espace-bien-etre---Domaine-des-Celestins-2 Espace-bien-etre---Domaine-des-Celestins Espace-bien-etre-du-Domaine-des-Celestins Gourmandises---Domaine-des-Celestins-2 Domaine des Celestins - Garden view - Bernay en Ponthieu Se-relaxer-daans-les-transats-du-Domaine-des-Celestins

Staying in a cosy gîte for 2 within a huge 3 hectare estate near the Picardy coast, you are perfectly positioned to experience all the beautiful northern coast of France has to offer: The 15kms of fine sandy beaches at Quand Plage, the stunning Somme Bay which you can cross on foot, an absolute haven of wildlife with birdlife and seals not to mention the renowned Abbaye (Abbey) de Valloires and its superb gardens and restaurant. The jardins de Valloires has a famous rosary and is home to the Rose of Picardy, created by David Austin and named after the war-time ballad The roses are blooming in Picardy. You will also be amazed by the huge range of decorative plants, vegetable patches, orchards, and stunning flower filled avenues with never ending views. The restaurant at the gardens is also worth trying, as the chef is inspired each day by the choice on offer in the gardens to create his botanical masterpieces. There are also picnics available to enjoy in the grounds.
You gîte is on huge grounds, with other gîte accommodation on site. There is also a spa available upon reservation. You have your own private part of the property, a bbq and an outdoor dining area.

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116130 €
1 night(s)2 guests
Deal includes

- 1 night in a 2 persons gîte

- 1 terroir basket with an entrée (ex smoked fish rillette or duck pâté), a dish (eg, poultry stew or beef bourguignon or stuffed tomatoes or quinoa salad, carrot curry soup or leek soup or duck parmentier ...) And a dessert (eg chocolate fondant or vanilla cream or rice pudding with milk and orange). One choice per person. Delivered with 1/2 bottle of white or red wine

- Cleaning at the end of your stay

- except Friday and saturday (50 € for additional person) and July/ August

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