Family getaway in a spacious suite near BBC Merlin’s Camelot

Make time to discover Merlin’s magical castle in the gorgeous French village of Pierrefonds. Spend the night in a charming 19th century house, perfect for families and discover the spectacular, fairy-tale castle.

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In a forest setting in the heart of the Picardy region, ‘Les Hauts de Pierrefonds’ is perfectly located for families looking to break their journey - it’s only 90 kilometres from Paris and 240 kilometres from the Channel port of Calais.

You can explore Camelot from BBC Merlin, a stunning hilltop castle which emerges from the surrounding forest as you approach.

Your charming accommodation in perfect for families, a suite with a double bed and a second room with beds for kids. You can even add a cot free of charge if needed. The house looks over the forest and deers are often venduring out to feed in the garden !

For those needing to stretch the legs head out onto the medieval laneways directly from the house. Turn left to visit the castle and right to visit on of France's largest forests, Compiège. Napoleon used to hunt here!

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90100 €
1 night(s)4 guests
Deal includes

- 1 night in the family suite (2 adjoining rooms with a shower)

- Breakfast

- Afternoon snack

- Tourist tax

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