Northern France Holidays: taking it slow...

Looking for Northern France Holidays? The French countryside is the ideal place to relax and refresh yourself, with gentle activities in serene nature and french villages to visit.


Take a break from routine and recentre yourself on a break in the wide open spaces of the French countryside near Paris. Whether on the coast or inland, picturesque French villages such as Montreuil-sur-Mer and Saint-Valery-sur-Somme in Northern France invite you to amble by quaint tea-rooms and antique shops. And the surrounding countryside offers the chance to take in some fresh air while enjoying amazing preserved natural sites. 
Walking, cycling and horse-riding are perfect ways to experience the stunning Bay of Somme with its sea colony and migratory birds, for instance. Just inland, meanwhile, lies one of France’s best-kept secrets – the tranquil, verdant terrain of the 7 Vallées between Montreuil-sur-Mer (inspiration for Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables) and Hesdin. Again, these rolling wooded valleys are perfect for walkers and cyclists.
North of Paris, St Jean-aux-Bois in Compiègne forest is another fantastic place to discover by bike, with deer to spot and a remarkable 750-year-old oak tree that you can put your arms around for the ultimate back-to-nature moment. Overlooking the scenic countryside of Flanders from its hilltop location, romantic, laid-back Cassel is a lovely spot for experiencing some authentic French art de vivre. Mont Saint Eloi, near Arras, overlooking the french countryside too.
And then the region is known for its wonderful gardens, with some of the highlights being the Jardin des Recollets in Cassel, Jardin de Séricourt, Jardin des Ifs in Gerberoy with its famed rose bushes, and the rose garden of the Château de Rambures.